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Helping Action Against Hunger support malnourished children in Kayah State Myanmar

Who they are

Action Against Hunger delivers community-based programmes to address acute malnutrition and has developed innovative solutions to child hunger through partnerships, research and advocacy.

What they do

In Kayah State, Myanmar, 40% of children under five years old are stunted (impaired growth and development due to poor nutrition), with parents in 85% of households having very little knowledge on child nutrition.

Action Against Hunger work in the local community, improving the health and nutrition status of children under five, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, through food security and livelihoods programmes.

How we’re helping 

With funds from the tcc foundation, Action Against Hunger is supporting 500 families, in 20 rural communities, with the materials and knowledge needed to produce nutrient-rich foods, through the creation of healthy home gardens and small-small livestock farming.


Families are being provided ongoing support and training through 20 community agriculture volunteers who have been trained through this project. Action Against Hunger is also working with the community to build their knowledge on cooking and feeding practices, and providing family lunch boxes for 900 children when they attend kindergarten, as another way to improve child nutrition.

Finally, our support will allow 20 community health volunteers to be trained on basic nutrition and hygiene practices, as well as assessing the nutritional state of children under five in their communities.