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Helping Habitat for Humanity rebuild disaster struck communities

Project completed: April 2019

Who they are

Habitat for Humanity is a global non-profit housing organisation working in over 70 countries around the world. One of the leading providers of emergency housing following natural disasters, Habitat for Humanity projects help to rebuild communities.

What they do

Habitat for Humanity believes everyone should have a decent place to live, and a local infrastructure in place that supports them.

In 2013, many islands in the Philippines were decimated by Typhoon Haiyan. Habitat for Humanity immediately responded by sending emergency shelter kits to families that were made homeless. After their initial response, Habitat for Humanity worked with these communities to rebuild homes and infrastructure.


How we helpedĀ 

Our donation provided five affected communities with a fully equipped daycare centre for 4-6 year olds offering over 400 children a safe, purpose-built centre to start their education. These centres can also be used for other community based activities and provide additional shelter in a disaster situation.

We supported 480 young people in these communities aged between 11 and 21 to take part in a youth leadership programme, to equip them with the key skills necessary to increase the disaster resilience of their communities. Four community projects were developed and completed by the youth through this leadership programme to support their communities in becoming more prepared for future disaster.