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Helping Mary’s Meals feed more schoolchildren

Phase 1 completed: April 2019

Who they are

Mary’s Meals has many years’ experience delivering high quality, community based school meal programmes. Their initiatives now feed children in 18 countries, and support the local communities by using locally sourced produce.

What they do

Across the world, 66 million children go to primary school hungry. Children who do not have enough to eat often lack energy or motivation to attend school and will skip lessons to work or look for food instead. As a result, they fail to progress at school.

Mary’s Meals provides over 1,400,000 children in some of the world’s poorest communities with a nutritious meal at school every day, with the support of local volunteers. Not only does Mary’s Meals offer training and ingredients, its School Feeding Officer also pays regular visits to monitor progress and provide ongoing support. With the provision of meals at school, students’ attendance increases and their grades improve. This all contributes towards breaking the poverty cycle. For some children, this is their only meal of the day.

How we’re helping 

Our support for this programme is across two years, providing 10,000 children with a daily meal for year one (completed April 2019) across Malawi, India, Myanmar and Thailand, and in year two, 6,000 children in Malawi, supporting highly vulnerable children who are in great need. Employees from tcc visited the foundation-supported schools in Malawi, working with the volunteers to prepare and serve to food to the students.