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Helping Save the Children’s Emergency Health Unit respond to global disasters

Project completed: March 2019

Who they are

Save the Children’s Emergency Health Unit is a network of teams of doctors, surgeons, nurses and logistic experts ready to respond when disaster strikes, and emergency medical help is needed most. Thanks to the great work they do, they are able to deploy world-class health professionals to an injured child’s side within 72 hours.

What they do

The Emergency Health Unit consists of three teams, focused on different aspects of child health:

Primary Health

  • Designed to provide the most essential healthcare in an emergency situation.

Mass Vaccination

  • Delivery of rapid mass vaccination programmes as disease spreads quickly in emergency situations.

Disease control

  • Provides immediate healthcare support following an infectious disease outbreak.

How we helped

Our donation helped fund the Emergency Health Unit’s efforts in reaching an astounding 1.3 million children and adults, including more than 300,000 with lifesaving treatment. The contribution helped save lives in an emergency, and also give power back to communities. By continuing to train health workers, support existing health systems and work in partnership with local authorities, the EHU guarantees long-term recovery solutions. Through this work, they also help reach countless more children beyond those they treat directly.