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Helping SeeBeyondBorders incorporate healthy eating, nutrition into the lives of Cambodian primary school children

Who they are

SeeBeyondBorders is a small charity whose primary goal is to improve the quality of education in primary schools in Cambodia. In 2018, they worked with 466 teachers to help impact the learning of over 13,500 school children.

What they do

Teachers in Cambodia are generally poorly educated and often have an inadequate knowledge of basic concepts which means that teaching standards are low. Children drop out of school at a very young age because they are not learning, with only 55% of girls and 51.5% of boys making the progression from primary to secondary school.

SeeBeyondBorders improves education standards in Cambodian primary schools by training teachers in workshop settings and running a complementary mentoring scheme to embed the learning into every day classroom activities. All their training is run in Khmer, the local language, by their fully trained team of local staff. School principals receive mentor training and they learn how to coach and support their teachers to deliver high quality lessons. This peer mentoring scheme builds sustainability into the approach and ensures that standards remain high after training interventions have stopped.

SeeBeyondBorders also runs a number of programmes to help Cambodian children access school more easily and work closely with local communities to help them understand the value of education.

How we’re helping 

The tcc foundation has partnered with SeeBeyondBorders to introduce healthy eating resources into their literacy programme. This will ensure that children learn about the basics of healthy eating from a very early age and will help them understand the dangers of malnutrition.

Since the start of the project, resources have been designed, created and distributed; 13 teachers trained in how to deliver them; and over 450 children are now taking part in a number of activities to learn about healthy eating. SeeBeyondBorders has supported schools, with help from the community, to create small vegetable gardens so that the children learn to plant and grow vegetables themselves.