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Helping the World Obesity Federation support health professionals in tackling childhood obesity

Who they are

The World Obesity Federation represents professional members of the scientific, medical and research communities from over 50 regional and international obesity associations. Through their membership, they create a global community of organisations dedicated to solving the problems of obesity.

What they do

The prevalence of obesity across the world continues to rise, and this is now recognised as one of the most important public health problems facing the world today. The World Obesity Federation’s mission is to lead and drive global efforts to reduce, prevent and treat obesity.

How we’re helping 

Obesity in childhood is associated with a wide range of serious health complications and an increased risk of premature onset of illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease.



The World Obesity Federation has developed SCOPE, an online learning programme for health professionals that offers specialised training and certification on obesity-related topics. Of the 34 modules currently offered, only one is specific to children and adolescents, and there is a real need to increase access to specialised training to help health professionals become equipped to support children.

With funding from the tcc foundation and alongside specialist health professionals, the World Obesity Federation will develop six new online training modules focussed on child obesity to add to the SCOPE programme and create a new accredited Child Obesity Learning Pathway course.

Our donation will fund the development of materials which will increase the quality and depth of child obesity education available to health professionals worldwide, enabling them to provide improved care and support to children.